Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Listener-supporter radio in the Bay Area

With the recent changes in the local radio stations, I've been scanning the channels more often. KPFA has some decent classical hours and last weekend I discovered "Panhandle Country", which airs at 3:00 PM every other Sunday. (I believe it alternates with Pig in a Pen.) The host is a bit of a Marxist (so I gathered from his comments about May 1 being the true Labor Day, recognized by the rest of the world and which the U.S. will not adopt...), but the music is excellent. (What should I expect from a radio station located in Berkeley.)

Archive of past shows: Panhandle Country, Pig in a Pen

Now if we could get a radio station to replace the loss of classical KDFC. (Which apparently still exists, but covers barely beyond Napa.) KDFC is no longer commercial but is listerner-supported, just like KPFA.

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