Saturday, July 02, 2011

FNL as propaganda

(source of picture: Yahoo TV

And yet it is also a depiction of what's wrong with the country. It is definitely an advocate of changes in morality -- sexual freedom (teens and homosexuals) and against the small-town emphasis you have the brain drain to the big cities, as represented by Tami Taylor's decision to take a job as dean of admissions at a small private school in PA. It's not merely a job advancement, she's helping out talented kids who don't do well on standardized testing. (Another liberal article of faith.) In contrast, Coach Taylor was offered the position of head coach at a university in Florida but he turns it down, in order to take the team to the state championships and presumably to to stay with the school beyond that year. There's one more episode left, and the show writers have set up the family's exit from Dillon by having the Dillon school district eliminate one HS football program. I don't know if coach will consider fighting for his job and program in the last episode, but I already know that he decides to leave with Tami. Despite the good that he does with young males, he is the typical white male who capitulates to the enemies of the true and the good -- he doesn't act like a father with respect to his daughter, he lets the former rally girl shadow the coaching staff because she dreams of becoming a high school football coach (feminism), and instead of asserting a desire to stay and do something for the local community, he decides that he's had enough of the limelight and it is time for his wife to get some glory (more feminism). As I've written before, this goes beyond being beta; Eric Taylor exercises no true headship within his own family, and this has consequences. Apart from his relationship with the players, he surrenders to the forces that are destroying community--the epitome of the nice white guy who contributes to the decline of civilization by the abdication of leadership.

If a series is popular with "the critics," there is bound to be something wrong with it from the viewpoint of a traditional conservative.

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