Monday, April 09, 2012

How true a representation?

VFR: An Indian immigrant on Indian anti-white animus and America’s suicide

Indian children and parents in the classroom are usually friendly; the same can't be said of those who are actually living nearby.

Lawrence Auster writes: "Thank you very much for this. I don’t think white Americans know much about Indian anti-whiteness. Chinese anti-whiteness, for example, is a more familiar phenomenon. If you would like to give some examples of this, that would be helpful."

Is it the case that every group is chauvinistic? Even the SWPLs are, though they base it on liberalism instead of ethnic identity. For the Chinese, ethnic identity and culture are tied together. Chinese people may believe themselves to be superior to white people with respect to culture and morals, but I don't see the same sort of animosity that they reserve for other groups.

The Uniforms Came in One Color by Adnan Sarwar

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