Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Another example of a mainstream conservative being a feminist

I recall that a certain female "conservative" radio personality had adopted a child while being unmarried. I didn't know she had actually adopted three, the last two being boys. How do her actions not support the feminist claims that fathers are not necessary, or that parents are interchangeable? If an unmarried woman has the money and lifestyle (or time) to accomodate having children either through IVF or adoption, why shouldn't she do it? A housemate considered the possibility of doing this, but I had to argue against it, pointing out that her imaginary historical examples were probably justifiable for other reasons - family members adopted nieces and nephews when their parents died, and so on, and that this was only possible for women who were of means and did not have to work to support themselves. Adoption took place within families or communities, not in a culture of the single, autonomous individual. Adopting a child only to have that child raised by a  nanny or daycare is very stupid.

So what about deliberately depriving children of a father? How is she not passing on the message that fathers are not important to the raising and well-being of children, and having a husband and father for one's children is merely a "lifestyle preference"? Regardless of her criticisms of feminism in other areas (with regards to employment or affirmative action), how can such a woman then represent herself as a "conservative," when her own life decisions undermine her credibility as one? It isn't that difficult to make a living being a professional conservative, as there are plenty of Americans who will still listen. But does she live what she supposedly defends? If not, then rather than being a spokesperson spokeswoman for conservatism she undermines it. (Upholding tradition within a local community where personal flaws are balanced with one's achievements and friendships is different from capitalizing on the mass media and straining to have a national influence while pursuing a contemporary cosmopolitan lifestyle.)

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