Sunday, May 06, 2012

Tried to jam my feet into some VFFs at REI this afternoon. Now I know how Cinderella's stepsisters felt. But I didn't cut off any parts of my feet to make them fit. I need a personal cordwainer who specializes in minimalist footwarer. A job for the post-carbon era? VFFs and I were not meant to be, apparently. There are other Asians who can wear VFFs, but is the shoe more suitable for white people than Asians? The thing about VFFs is that they are at least wide enough to accomodate my feet. I do not think that is true of the other minimalist shoes that are currently available.

I also tried on some Arc'teryx jackets. Don't bother if you have a gut. My midsection was ok, but the sleeves fit poorly or there were other problems. Now will there be post-carbon tailors making fleeces and other such jackets?


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