Saturday, May 05, 2012

Items of Interest, 5 May 2012

Libertas et Memoria: Mel Bradford on the Founders, religious establishment and the First Amendment

Nicholas C. Lund-Molfese, Peter Maurin, The Distributists and the Nature of Work

Driving Britain to ‘Popular Capitalism’ with the Social Franchising Co-operative Model

Global civil society and the rise of the civil economy by Robin Murray (EB)

Mish: China's Population Poised to Crash in Perfect Demographic Storm

From Republic to Empire - a leftist perspective

6 People You Need to Start a Revolution
Farmers markets move online by Katherine Gustafson (EB)
Food, Inc. Chicken Farmer has a New Humane Farm

Pope: 'Sound education in faith' is 'most urgent challenge' of the Church in America
Our Lady of Atonement Parish Withdraws Request to Enter Ordinariate

Archbishop Sheehan of Santa Fe: recovering Catholic identity
Does he go far enough in diagnosing the problem?

Chant Before and After the Solesmes Revolution

Obama Campaign: Women are Helpless
The same line of attack that Michelle Malkin takes, grounded in feminist strength and autonomy?

Army opens combat positions to women
Men in the military are being thrown into the meat grinder, and when invariably bad incidents happen when men and women are thrown together in stressful (or boring) situations, men will be thrown under the bus. The Pentagon is a bunch of perfumed princesses seeking to appease the feminists in control. What more evidence do men in the military need that their leadership hates them? After all, if there is a serious lack of qualified men for these positions, then maybe we can make military service more popular by limiting imperial misadventures overseas. And if there isn't a lack of qualified men, then how can we justify their displacement by women in the name of facilitating their career advancement and a better representation of women in the military? What a joke. Soon any true patriot will have to avoid anything to do with the National Government, which does not serve the common good but actively seeks to subvert it for private interests.

Roanoke found? N.C., British researchers find clue to location of Lost Colony

Why All The Fuss About the Body: A Medievalist's Perspective

Popular Ethics:
Rory Sutherland: Perspective is everything

Doc Watson & Earl Scruggs Play At Doc's Home

Jim Caviezel on Person of Interest

Larry Vickers:
Speed is Fine, Accuracy is Final

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