Thursday, June 28, 2012

"The Constitution is dead" again.

How many times will we have to repeat this before we act accordingly, instead of appealing to it as a defense of our proscriptions (and prescriptions)?

SCOTUS: Digging the corpse of the Constitution to spit on it.

L. Auster:
Since the Congress can now command citizens to do anything the Congress wants, since America as a republic under a government of limited powers is now officially dead, therefore conservatism, which if it means anything means support for that republic of limited powers, is now also dead. For conservatives to continue to support the constitution means supporting a leftist government with unlimited powers. Therefore the only meaningful form that conservatism can now take is counterrevolution, which means: opposition to the lawless regime that America now is, and the declared intent to overthrow it. Any “conservatism” short of counterrevolution is simply subscription to, loyalty to, patriotism to, obedience to, a leftist unlimited state.

Robert M. Peters:
The U.S. Constitution has become and has been since 1865 a whore. The Constitution was ratified by the former colonial and freshly independent republics as an instrument to articulate a compact among them and to create for their mutual benefit an agent, namely the general government, framed and limited by the Constitution itself.

In 1865, two unions of constitutionally federated/confederated republics were destroyed: the Unite States of America and the Confederate States of America. In their place emerge an abstract corporation with a monopoly on coercion and with the ability to define the limits of its own power, animated by ideologues, bankers, stock jobbers and paper aristocracy. The union of which the Constitution was a handmaid was dead; she became the consort of the Hobbesian state. She has been pimped out to various factions and has been presented to the masses as a goddess to be worshiped in direct proportion to her ever waxing meaninglessness.

This fiat amending of the Constitution which Dr. Fleming cites is but the most recent assault on the hapless compact document, having been ripped from her principals and would-be protectors, the states.

It will continue, until like the Levites concubine in the Book of Judges, she lies utterly ravished and dead at the threshold, there perhaps to be dismembered and sent to the tribes, thereby inciting a war.

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