Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pete Takeshi is in town so we had dinner; as he wanted Mexican food because it went along with being in California we went over to Santana Row to see what was there. (He chose the location, as well.) I remember seeing Conseulo Mexican Bistro and so we decided to try it out. I ordered the fajitas special and found that it was overpriced. I didn't think the food overall was better than Guadalajara, though the filet mignon that Pete ordered was good. I probably wouldn't go there again.

As we were about to leave a "hottie" entered the restaurant. Asian? Latina? with long black hair. She's probably a regular or a friend of the owners as the people working there greeted her as such. She was wearing a low-cut dress, which revealed two tattoos on her chest, right below her clavicles. Why would someone that attractive (at least with make-up on) do that to herself? It's like vandalism.

Santana Row is probably one of my top five most hated places. Envy? Disgust? Too many consumers who think they're pretty people frequent the place.

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Iosue Andreas Sartorius said...

"It's like vandalism." That's a good analogy.