Sunday, July 08, 2012

Celebrating an Uhmerican Holiday

On the night of Independence Day, I walked to a local park to watch the city's fireworks show.

It was a diverse crowd, reflecting the demographics of the local residences. A lot of Indian families; you could smell some of them. Perhaps the distinct odor acquired through a specific diet is better than plain body odor due to sweat. It may explain how such a diet arose in the first place, given the temperature (and humidity) of certain parts of India.

There must have been a few thousand people at the park, all there to enjoy the fireworks display. Something pleasing to the senses after a nice day off from work, right?

Independence Day is devoid of meaning for these people; if they knew what it really meant they'd be out protesting instead of pretending all was well with a frivolous display of fireworks. They are ostensibly celebrating a dead constitutional order that no longer exists, for the most part. The date of its disappearance? The beginning of the WBTS for Southrons. It has been a multifaceted decay, beginning with the Federal judiciary, and then spreading to the legislative and executive branches. One must also consider the degeneration of the states, along with the rise of the corporations and the moneyed elites, the destruction of communities that comes from a wrong notion of property rights and excessive mobility, already present at the inception of the colonies.

If the residents, my neighbors, knew political liberty, would they be voting for Democrats who seek to take political liberty away? I learned that disgrace of an Asian Paul Fong was re-elected, though it was no surprise. The day before, SB249 passed committee. An armed citizeny is necessary for a healthy republic and as a check on those who hold political office. But those who live around here have no desire to have that sort of control over their own lives. They're sheeple comfortable with their suburban middle-class life with all of its comforts and pleasures.

How many true patriots were in attendance that night, people who believe that they have roots in this area and will tough things out? How many are committed to the other people there?

A couple of deputies were on their bikes, doing crowd control and ordering people off the sidewalk. How can it not be detestable work if one does not possess the proper motivation or intention? I didn't find them to have a calm commanding presence; their attitude sounded more like annoyance with the crowd. A failure in inculcating masculinity, perhaps. Have the police academies lost the knowledge of what it means to be a true man? Having women, who learn an exaggerated notion of masculinity, present in law enforcement doesn't help, either, as this mentality starts to infect the men as well if they associate with one another too much as equals? (If they were really 100% alpha, wouldn't they put the women in their place, and subtly push them out of law enforcement? Or is that a harrassment charge just waiting to happen?)

While I was exiting a couple of Koreans passed by. Has the size of the Korean population grown that much here?

I do want to move somewhere else. Felton the other night for the music at Don Quioxte's; felt out of place. There were a couple of older white men with long beards in attendance. Ex-hippies? Or true country folk? I ddi feel a bit out of place walking the streets of Felton.

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