Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Lone Ranger Trailer #2

This movie should not be labelled a "Western" - it doesn't deserve it. The new John Reid seems like a bumbling idiot (even if one wants to rationalize this as being the confusion of a man who has survived an ambush). He's not as bad as Seth Rogan's Britt Reid, and the beginning this trailer is better than the first, which revealed too much of Gore Verbinski's handiwork - big special effects and heavy use of cgi. (Unfortunately we get plenty of that mind-numbing garbage in the second half of the trailer.) But, if they had decided to do a movie proper for adults (and there are still some in the United States today), instead of dumbing it down and following the trend of bashing members of a certain "privileged" group (i.e. white heterosexual males), it would have been much better. The second trailer only reinforces my impression that the opportunity to improve upon the 1981 movie has been squandered.

"All right. Let's do this."

What product of the American education system wrote this line?

Despite Johnny Depp's supposed Native American background, I tend to agree with his critics. His acting (especially his Uhmerican expressions) plus his manner of speaking seems more of a caricature rather than an accurate representation.


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