Tuesday, April 16, 2013

R. J. Snell Reviews The Politics of Gratitude

A Prophet of Goodness: Review of Mark T. Mitchell’s The Politics of Gratitude: Scale, Place and Community in a Global Age

Potomac Books

I have my copy, but have not been able to start the book yet. As someone I know pointed out to an essay talking about the importance of place (over at FPR?) - it's more than place, it's the people. This is contrasted with the Uhmerican extreme (exemplified in some respects by the attitudes of Vox) - Vox) - living the life of a wealthy transient, moving from place to place and possessing no strong ties to other people, no sense of bonds, duties and obligations. I will look at Mr. Mitchell's book to see if he covers identity and the notion of a people, which must be present before an attempt at exhorting to greater solidarity can be made. It is a key point that is not addressed by most, with the exception of the paleos and ethnonationalists.

On the recent wedding between Brent Burke and the daughter of Rhonda Vincent: A royal bluegrass wedding in Tennessee.

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