Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Achieving Victim Status

It isn't so hard for females to rationalize themselves being such, as they are, by nature, led and not the ones taking the initiative. Being the recipient or the follower is equated to being the victim of an oppressor. Or, a woman is being threatened merely because she is receiving unwanted attention from a man she does not find attractive (but "creepy").

While they ignore their own moral agency, even though various notions of "consent" has become paramount with respect to distinguishing between licit sexual relations and rape. In rationalizing, women can also rewrite memories (lie to themselves) in order to adjust to their current feelings - I think Sunshine Mary had a post about this. ("I don't like the result or I don't feel positively/satisfied, so therefore I wasn't really agreeing to what happened, and therefore I didn't give consent.") Similarly, they may assent to do something that they don't like but are unwilling to confront the other party - thus, they are being "coerced" when they could have walked away.

Diminished rationality and moral agency? Or are they just making excuses for their moral failures, not owning up to their own culpability in wrong-doing? What can we learn from Eve's denial in the Garden?

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