Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pope Francis at a Seminar on Mulieris Dignitatem

Vatican Radio: Pope Francis: Women called to service, not servitude
Vatican Insider: “I suffer when I see that the role of service of the woman slips into a role of servitude”

“I suffer – speaking truthfully! – when I see in the Church or in some ecclesial organizations that the role of service that we all have, and that we must have - but that the role of service of the woman slips into a role of “servidumbre” [Spanish: servitude]. . . But when I see women that do things out of “servitude” and not out of service,” said Pope Francis. “And that it is not understood well what a woman ought to do. Can she be valued more? It is a reality that is close to my heart and for this I wanted to meet … and bless you and your commitment. Thank you, let us move this forward together! May most holy Mary – a great woman, eh? – the Mother of Jesus and of all God’s children, accompany us. Thank you!”

Do we want those in authority and distant from us to wear their hearts on their sleeve? Some may be sincere, but if so, then what? Does a man talking about his emotions really elicit respect from men and women?

I have read that the culture of machismo is rather bad in Ibero-American countries.

From the Vatican Insider article:
Francis also spoke about the special gifts given to women in the Church. “ I would like to underline how the woman has a particular sensitivity for the ‘things of God’, above all in helping us to understand the mercy, tenderness and love that God has for us,” he said.
More Christian pedestalizing.

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