Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Traditionalist and Catholic Worship of Authority

Old habits die hard? Even now there is resistance to the novel teachings of lawful resistance, regicide and other acts against an illegitimate temporal power. I don't expect the Church to ever denounce the modern nation-state as being illegitimate in itself, much less sanction violent means to secure and protect the common good of a community from usurpers.

Over at the Orthosphere: Democracy, authority, and the moral order.

How does the temporal order enact divine justice? How does God's mercy harmonize with His justice? Over the weekend I glanced briefly at an Orthodox writer's discussion of the two. While justice cannot be sufficient, as there must be charity which motivates and directs, is "human" justice a concession to a fallen world? Or is there something more "postive" to its being necessary?

Asserting Political Authority in a Sacred Landscape: A Comparison of Umayyad and Israeli Jerusalem

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