Monday, November 30, 2015

I Expect a Mixed Bag

 Pontifical Council of the Laity - Press release: Study Seminar Women and Work

MOJ: Women and Work at the Vatican
MOJer Lisa Schiltz and I will be at a conference in Rome this weekend, sponsored by the Pontifical Council of the Laity-Women's division. Lisa will be among the 15 speakers from around the world (and I among the 80 participants). Lisa is on a panel discussing how to reconcile work and family commitments. Helen Alvare and Endow Founder, Terry Polakovic, are also speaking from the US. Other papers include discussion of neurological and psychological research on the differences between the sexes, women in leadership, care ethics, and educating girls. My favorite title is: "Women Work and They Have Always Done So," offered by the married Italian economists Stefano and Vera Zamagni.

Is anyone going to lament the loss of the domestic economy, or criticize the encroachment of women on male spaces?

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