Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Coca Cola: Why Corporations are Our Enemies

There is a Coke commercisl featuring a mom giving her young son some cokes so he can use them as an icebreaker to talk to a young girl at a dance. It played before a movie last month; I can't find it online, so I don't know how old it is. Where's the father to tell his son to man up or gie him some age-appropriate advice? nowhere to be seen. Instead, the boy is taught to offer the girl a drink. How beta is that?
And moms can feel like they can take dad's by purchasing a product for their sons to use, rather than giving him the proper guidance. What a joke.

And then there's its #MakeItHappy campaign...

Looking at the channel and its advertising in different languages, Coca Cola Global is spreading "sweet American goodness" around the world and the modern distorted notion of Christmas, focused exclusively on family. (And of course none of the Spanish commercials feature non-whites.)

From last year: Ad of the Day: Fathers Are Thrilled Their Boys Are Men in Old Spice's 'Dadsong'
The moms, of course, are still weeping By Tim Nudd

Meant to be humorous,but it's no longer funny...

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