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Tilting at windmills? Cal Catholic Daily has an article on the American Solidarity Party.

First Things: The Politics of Solidarity

Group: Christian Democracy USA

Mere Orthodoxy article

A Different Conservatism
The American Solidarity Party makes the case for community and subsidiarity.
By Malloy Owen •

"The Solidarists also diverge sharply from Trump on a number of his signature issues. One is immigration: the ASP platform calls unabashedly for amnesty, takes a jab at border walls, and implies that global inequality makes immigration “a necessity” for many workers."

What is the party's stance on feminism? Is American Solidarity Party a true Christian Democrat Party? Or churchian Democrat Party? It seems to be trying to replace the Democratic party but I don't think it will go anywhere because it does not acknowledge the concerns that what's left of white America has with its culture, identity, and nation.

Solidarity Hall promotes a similar "third option" and seems to involve more Catholics.

Who else will stand for economic liberty? Or distributism or some other economic "third way"? People associated with Solidarity Hall seem to be communitarians who value the common good and solidarity, but without any knowledge of how communities come into being, and often without any concern for proper scale. Solidarity is mentioned as a principle of Roman Catholic Social Teaching and is not really distinct from legal justice or political friendship, but seems to be an amalgam of the two. But these Christian "solidarists" like to moralize on certain issues (immigration, social justice) and are probably leftists in that respect. They assume that community exists but they do not understand that it doesn't, nor do they understand how it originates. For this reason they will continue to be ignored while ethnonationalism continues to rise.

America Magazine on Solidarity Hall
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