Friday, November 11, 2016

A temporary stay of execution but it is time to prepare.

Collapse will happen; if Trump is sworn in January then it will be the case that collapse will not be hastened by a Hilary Clinton presidency.

Are we witnessing the rise of Anglo-Celtic-European-American ethno-nationalism? Or merely just the rejection of politics as usual? How many are reacting against an overt anti-white bias in the media and the Democratic party?

The Alt Right is not moving for just a return to what the national identity was before leftists began exploiting identity politics among blacks and other ethnic minority groups, as that national identity seemed to have been focused on some version of civic nationalism or the proposition nation and is dead. Rather, a true ethnic identity based on ethnicity (or race) and Western culture (of which Christianity is an important part). This is what Vox Day calls the Alt West part of the Alt Right but I think he is correct in thinking that it will become the dominant part of the Alt Right. The Alt White part, in so far as it is focused purely on race and may even reject Christianity, will not gain in influence.

Rod Dreher may not like identity politics, but is he like delusional whites (and East Asians) who think that virtue signalling in real life and on mass media is proof that they are members of an actual people, or that they will be recognized AS A "righteous white (or Asian) person" by NAMs?

A people has a shared identity and culture and recognized mutuality, with ties of intermarriage. (What a political organization adds is a constitution (not necessarily a written one, but a constitution in the Aristotelian sense) -- and the resulting organization need not be some version of a legitimate Aristotelian polity, as the priorities may be focused on a certain group rather than the organization as a whole -- e.g. the clan.)

Liberal atoms who shriek the same ideology or SJW concerns to others do not make a people.

Will there be just one white American people or many? Perhaps there will be at least two, if white Southrons can hold on to a distinct heritage and culture. It is not clear that the paleo project of preserving an American heritage and culture going back to the colonies will be successful everywhere.

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