Saturday, April 29, 2017

A Snapshot of a Dying Church

Went to a Dominican parish this morning for the First Communion of _____. I was very surprised and disappointed by what I saw -- I thought the Western Dominicans were slowly changing things for the better in all of their parishes, despite the presence of a progressive Dominican here or there, but the First Communion Mass was not that much better than the typical Mass you would find in the diocese of San Jose. (The parish is in the archdiocese of San Francisco.)

The parish was very white -- lots of blonde hair to be seen. Quite weird to see that in the Bay Area. Might even be more white than some LDS meeting places.

1. Before Mass the parents and relatives were busy gabbing and socializing. No atmosphere of prayer.

2.1. Lousy processional music -- instrumental version of _____. The congregation sat but rose when it was time for the liturgical ministers and priest to process in. Why?

3. All of the liturgical ministers were women, save 1 altar teen boy. 2 altar girls! The cantrix: typical frank, old woman, and of course raising her hand to get lay participation

4. The children were doing the intercessory petitions. The response: "Loving Father, hear our prayer." Almost as if we are trying to guilt God?

5. And hand-holding was prevalent during the Lord's Prayer. And the kiss of peace was very unrestrained, though the liturgical ministers did succeed in cutting it short by starting up the Agnus Dei (the only Latin chant).

6. And of course, for the children it was their first Communion in hand. Did they consider the alternative?

7. The recessional song? "We are one in Spirit."

Would the songs used today be in the top 100 most popular American Catholic liturgical songs? I bet. Sappy.

8. And, Mass was still only 58 minute long!

Pity the boys who were castrated by a liturgy praxis that makes womyn. How many from this First Communion class will still be practicing in 15 years?

There was a dad changing diaper while mom was sitting in the pew. Symbolic of the state of the patriarchate.

No doubt the progressives at Pray Tell would laud it as the ideal Roman rite Mass by Nicholas Denysenko

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