Monday, June 05, 2017

There's a Term Used by Gurney Halleck in David Lynch's Dune

"Bed play"? Some such euphemism.

Regarding the post on the [sexual] ascesis, I would be surprised if much was written on "love play" before the age of the manuals (and casuistry). What would be the justification for love play be? That all pleasure relating to touch/sensation between a husband and a wife is permissible in so far as it is ordered to the conjugal act/coitus? Otherwise it is "venial sin" or possibly "mortal sin." There are probably still some who have the view that this is too permissive.

What are the limits? TOB can be intrepreted in two different ways, with a permissive attitude towards everything in so far as "it is finishes in the conjugal act" and yet it may frown upon certain forms of "dominant" behavior as not being "gentlemanlike" or what have you.

I would maintain that some sorts of dominant behavior may be permissible (taking the initiative is the most bassic) while others are not because they are intrinsically disordered.

Curious if there is an academic or theological discussion of fantasy role-playing anywhere.

When St. Paul was talking about the necessity for husbands of pleasing their wives, was he also alluding to the bed?

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