Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Saker's Solution to the Problem of Diversity and Identity Politics

Manipulated Minorities Represent a Major Danger for Democratic States by The Saker

His advice:

Still, equality and reconciliation are the two things which the majorities absolutely must offer the minorities if they want to prevent the latter to fall prey to the manipulation techniques used by those forces who want to turn everybody into obedient and clueless serfs. Those majorities who delude themselves and believe that they can simply solve the “minority problem” by expelling or otherwise making these minorities disappear are only kidding themselves. To ‘simply’ solve the “minority problem’ by cracking down on these minorities inevitably pushes them directly into the warm embrace of the big manipulators, it turns these minorities into a powerful anti-majority weapon. This is the big danger of movements like Alt-Right or the National Front in France – their actions only serve to “weaponize” minorities. Mind you, this does not mean that the concerns and grievances voiced by these movements are without merits, not at all, it’s their (pseudo) “solutions” which are the real danger.

There is only effective way defuse the explosive potential of minorities:

1. Educate minorities and explain to them that they are being manipulated
2. Educate those joining anti-minority movements that they are also being manipulated
3. Offer the minorities a future based on equality and reconciliation
4. Put the spotlight on those who fan the flames of conflict and try to turn minorities and majorities against each other

His solutions are dependent upon the ability of people to be rationally persuaded by such claims.

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