Saturday, September 02, 2017

Deacon, Go Back to School

Rod Dreher: Why It’s Okay For Christians To Say ‘Gay’

So "men with same-sex attraction" may be too much to say over and over again, and perhaps some reject "homosexual" as being too reductionistic, but to capiulate to the homosexualist movement in adopting their positive nomenclature? Here is the problem with Deacon Christopher Rober's argument: "alcoholic" does have a negative connotation, naming an addiction or disease (in reality more a moral illness than a mental one). But those who introduced "gay" as referring to homosexual men did so in order to legitimize it. How should one refer too their disordered (or even deviant) subculture and identity, then? Not with the word "gay" as it is anything but.

Apparently the intellectual formation for the "permanent" diaconate in the Roman Catholic churches is deficient.

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