Saturday, May 25, 2019

An Endorsement of The Highwaymen

Peter Hitchens:

I can still remember the explosive effect of the film Bonnie and Clyde more than 50 years ago. The violence, now normal, was deeply shocking, the suggestion of sympathy for two rather sordid gangsters was subversive.

So when I heard of The Highwaymen, a film telling the story from the side of the lawmen who hunted the pair, I was anxious to see it at the cinema. Alas, it never made it. I was forced to watch it at home on a subscription service.

I thought it rather good. The depiction of Depression America and the ghastly scenes when the two dead criminals are put on display are especially worth seeing.

But it has no superheroes or special effects, so someone somewhere assumed it would not be good box office. A pity, and can our cinemas survive long with such an attitude?

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