Saturday, July 29, 2006

Miami Vice

Went to see Miami Vice tonight with Fujian Gal after dinner at Sichuan Garden. Sarge had walked out after the first half of the movie yesterday, because it was slow and a bit repetitive, with respect to the display of fornication. While the sex scenes weren't that explicit (they went beyond the TV show a tad, but not as graphic as other rated R movies), still they were somewhat unnecessary to convey the point, namely love-->sex (at least with respect to contemporary mores).

The rating for the movie at Rotten Tomatoes has been gradually slipping. A lot have complained about the pacing of the movie, lack of character development and so on. I thought the movie was faithful to the TV series; not sure what these other critics were expecting. Was I satisfied with the results?

A complaint: not sure if HD was used for the final shoot-out--the quality seemed like a TV. Also, the soundtrack seemed a bit inappropriate for certain scenes; not sure if it was poor directing or editing or something else.

Putting aside the question of love/sexual morality (how many movies get that right), was the movie too rushed? A common complaint might be that it takes a while for the story to develop. I thought that more procedure might have been nice. As for action sequences--if one is being realistic, there can't be too many of those, since a shootout is not likely to take place unless one has blown one's cover, or one has been double-crossed. (If the latter, how likely is it that they will be able to get back into the good graces of those responsible?)

Gong Li seemed somewhat out of place. Perhaps she is exotic; or maybe she is able to play a woman who knows what she wants well. Still, the problems of language and accent were obstacles to accepting her as a Chinese Cuban.

Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx were good as Crockett and Tubbs, and the supporting actors were fine. (Especially Gina--fanboys who like a strong heroine who can shoot with attitude should take to her well. Plenty of G36 action in this movie.) Should a sequel be made? I'm not sure if it can be--what new ground would it cover?

What would Michael Mann do with CHiPs?

official movie website

There were quite a few ghetto people in the movie making comments during the movie and talking. One girl even answered her phone during the movie(!) Then, when we were leaving the parking structure there was a car full of obnoxious Asians -- the driver decided to cut in front of us and was quite brazen. His friends were laughing as they got honked and so on. Eh, evidently some parents failed to raise their kids properly. Next time I'll get backup and the baseball bats from the trunk. (Yeah right.)

I haven't had Sichuan food for a long time, but the quality of the food at this restaurant seemed rather good. The sai guai dou was a bit different, I think it was because of the chili paste/sauce they used.

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