Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Quick note

JB I'm still working on the response to your latest comment, perhaps it will be up tomorrow.

As readers can tell, many of the entries on this blog will be work in progress, either to help me think certain issues through for the thesis, or in preparation for future inquiry. It's also a way for me to take note books that might be of interest, although the list of secondary texts grows perhaps too long. I wish I had the time and talent to write longer posts. These short notes will have to do for now...

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James said...

ok, I thought maybe you wanted to tie-up that argument, "Sarge" had complained that it had gone on too long and that he got bored reading it after the 10th post.

To be fair, I should include this criticism of Madison's arguement given by Garry Wills. I think it's pretty good. I found this source on wikipedia:

Garry Wills is a noted critic of Madison's argument in Federalist No. 10. In his book Explaining America, he adopts the position of Robert Dahl in arguing that Madison's framework does not necessarily enhance the protections of minorities or ensure the common good. Instead, Wills claims: "Minorities can make use of dispersed and staggered governmental machinery to clog, delay, slow down, hamper, and obstruct the majority. But these weapons for delay are given to the minority irrespective of its factious or nonfactious character; and they can be used against the majority irrespective of its factious or nonfactious character. What Madison prevents is not faction, but action. What he protects is not the common good but delay as such."[13]