Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Peak oil and healthcare

Peak oil and healthcare

America’s healthcare predicament will be resolved in the context of the worldwide energy emergency idiomatically known as “peak oil.”

In short, the era of cheap, abundant fossil fuels is entering its twilight and medicine - virtually cut-off from this awareness—is exposed to the consequences. Like any other system healthcare requires energy and resources to function; fossil fuels, especially petroleum, provide both.
Seattle "peak-oilers" prepare for a world without petroleum
Food shortages, cars abandoned, another depression. It's the stuff of nightmares — and the type of future an eclectic group of engineers, computer experts and others in Seattle believe could await us.

They're not religious zealots predicting Armageddon, nor survivalists digging bomb shelters. They believe the world is about to start running out of gas.


Members of Seattle Peak Oil Awareness expect world production of oil and gasoline to peak soon, if it hasn't already, and hard times to follow. Similar groups are popping up around the country from Boston to Portland, despite oil-industry assertions that there's nothing to worry about.
Not all whose work depends on readily-available electricity are unaware of peak oil.
Seattle Peak Oil Awareness

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