Thursday, March 29, 2007

Song Hye-gyo Sheds Cute Image for Gisaeng Role

Song Hye-gyo Sheds Cute Image for Gisaeng Role

The producers of “Hwang Jin-I” on Monday released several still photos from director Chang Yoon-hyun's movie about a Chosun-era gisaeng (a female entertainer) starring Song Hye-gyo and Yoo Ji-tae.

The photos show Song as the character Hwang in various costumes, including that of noble lady, a beautiful and seductive gisaeng, and disguised as a man drinking in an inn. Another features Song in a white underskirt, her extended leg faintly showing through. The other photos include Yoo Ji-tae as Hwang's first lover Nomi and Ryu Seung-yong as a local governor who supports Hwang. "Song Hye-gyo's deep eyes and attractive figure show that she has transformed from a cute young girl into a true woman," the publicity materials gushed.

“Hwang Jin-I” started shooting on a set in Paju in Gyeonggi Province last July. It took 194 days to make the film. Other locations for the lavish production included the Korean Folk Village in Youngin, Buan, Andong, Yangpyeong, Namsangol Traditional Village in Seoul, the Seonam Temple in Suncheon, and Mt. Kumgang in North Korea.

The film has gained considerable attention, fueled by last year’s TV drama with the same name starring another popular actress, Ha Ji-won, and the fact that it is Song’s first stab at a period film.

"Hwang Jin-I" is in its final stages and is scheduled for release on June 6.

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