Sunday, March 25, 2007

Want to be an e-lebrity?

Dateline Sunday features a story on people who record themselves on video and upload those videos to the Internet. Are youtube and other video hosting sites further evidence of the next generation's narcissism? If the reactions of disappointed American Idol contestants are real, what can we say about those who are rather deluded about their own talents and abilities, and base their self-worth on being recognized for those talents and abilities?

It's bad enough when people seek approval of their looks through myspace, xanga, facebook, and so on... soompi Members 411 is filled with teenagers starting threads whose only purpose is to make photos of themselves public and available for comment/compliments from others...

"I want to be somebody." held a party for e-lebrities, including Numa Numa guy (his new website).

Isn't blogging is part of the same phenomena? Some may aim to inform; given that many who are supposed to teach do not do so (including professors, teachers, bishops, and priests) there certainly is some sort of need for it. But couldn't one's resources and efforts be better applied? Alas, if one's home parish or diocese does not welcome orthodoxy, one must put one's gifts to use in other ways, perhaps through informal meetings or by starting cells of laity for the purpose of prayer and catechesis...

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