Saturday, April 28, 2007

Feeding the world sustainably

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Feeding the world sustainably
Gar Lipow, Gristmill

I'm going to suggest reasons to go beyond plain old organic farming in a moment.
But it turns out that even conventional organic farming could feed more people
than our current industrial system[5]. Normally, when people measure land use for organic
farming they look at the rich nations, and note that rich nations on average can
grow less per acre via organic means than with conventional ones. (It turns out
that the difference is smaller than we thought, though -- about 20 percent.)

Oddly enough, the author does not discuss the dependence of the industrial system on oil, and whether an organic alternative would really be able to yield as much world-wide. Check out his "Super Adobe."

Self-sufficiency on a balcony
Jackie French, Sydney Morning Herald

Jakub Olesiak, WorldChanging

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