Monday, April 14, 2008

Arirang and some other Korean songs

wiki entry for Arirang

I don't know which of the following has the traditional setting. The first?

Korean Arirang (정선 아리랑)

Korean Traditional Music (Arirang)

Korean Traditional Song - Kangwon-Do Arirang (강원도 아리랑)

[Kim Yong-Im is pretty in these videos.]

Byeon, Yeonghwa (ethnic Korean, Silver Medal) - Arirang

卞英花 Byeon, Yeonghwa 번영화 - 阿里郎 Arirang 아리랑


Arirang sung by Ri Kyong Suk - 리경숙

새타령 (bird song)(Sae-Taryong)(鳥打令)

Korean Traditional Song - Song of Birds (새타령)

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