Sunday, May 04, 2008

Energy Bulletin round-up

Review of Kunstler's post-peak novel by a woman who has lived the life
One thing about survivalism: it isn't pretty but it can be fun if approached in the right frame of mind. Many people fear the possibility of survival in difficulties like we had. Yet they were not all that great a challenge if one felt strong of mind and body. I got up at 5 am to start the fires, bake the bread and feed the livestock before sending the boy and the husband out the door.

Also from Energy Bulletin:
Fatih Birol interview: 'Leave oil before it leaves us'
The International Energy Agency (IEA) gives the alarm: The world could run out of oil faster than expected - the danger of a supply shortage is rising. (Translation of an interview with the chief economist of the IEA)

Biography of Mr Fatih Birol
World Energy Outlook - Press Kit
Outside View: We can't cling to crude: we should leave oil before ...
The Oil Drum | fatih birol
Fatih Birol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Author McKibben assesses current state of environmentalism, urges local consumerism (video and transcript)
Monica Trauzzi, OnPoint, E&E TV
In his new book, "American Earth: Environmental Writing Since Thoreau," environmentalist Bill McKibben collects famous pieces of environmental literature -- pieces that reflect the growing and changing movement and that have inspired him in his advocacy.

Relocalization - May 2
Rethinking our food and fuel systems
Rob Hopkins: eco worrier
Totnes - their own currency
McKibben assesses environmentalism
Natural born survivors
Heinberg on resilient communities
published May 2, 2008.

During today's OnPoint, McKibben discusses the book and assesses the current state of environmentalism. He gives his thoughts on the Lieberman-Warner climate bill and discusses several grassroots campaigns he is involved in that seek to spur individuals to act on climate change.
(1 May 2008)

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