Thursday, September 18, 2008

More on cob houses

Via EB:

Mud, glorious mud: Homes made of earth
Graham Norwood, The Independent

If you look at the pictures, you may not be convinced of the sturdiness of cob houses. From the article:
"There's nothing more sustainable than cob. It's natural, it hasn't been processed and it's produced on-site," says Adam Weissman, one half of the team behind Cob in Cornwall, a Helston-based building firm. He and his wife, Katy Bryce, have built cob homes and extensions, but more than half of his work is repairing and maintaining period houses in the South-west.

"Most are between 200 and 400 years old so that's highly sustainable in itself," says Adam. "If there are problems, they tend to date from the Sixties and Seventies, when owners put cement render on walls. Some haven't looked after roofs and that has allowed water to seep in."

So they can last a long time, under certain climate and environmental conditions--but my question remains: would cob pass earthquake regulations? Brick doesn't.

Hobbit house saved from demolition as winds of change blow in pioneer’s favour
Simon de Bruxelles, The Times

Plus, KunstlerCast: Twilight of the Mall Era - Part 1.

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Iosue Andreas said...

Interesting. There are Korean neo-traditionalist buildings that resemble those designs.