Monday, September 29, 2008

The Unit is becoming more like 24--watch the season premiere--a conspiracy to assassinate the president and VP, as well as the president-elect and the VP-elect. Does it jump the shark this season as well? (What sort of ridiculous turn in 24 could replace the expression, "Jump the shark"? I don't have confidence that the new season will be able to turn things around. Last season started off well, but took a turn for the worse, and was judged by many fans to have been the worst thus far. It definitely took a turn towards becoming a soap opera, as much as that is possible for 24.) There is a new female (Army) intelligence operative who joins the team--while it may be that CAG works with women in Federal agencies from time to time, is this something that could happen in the real world?

Is it just about who is qualified to get the job done?

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