Saturday, January 24, 2009

Interview with James Howard Kunstler, Kurt Cagle, O'Reilly Broadcast (via EB)

(See also The Dystopians by Ben McGrath, New Yorker)

In the comments following the interview, Dean Terry mentions his movie, Subdivided: Isolation and Community in America:

Subdivided is a documentary film about life in contemporary suburbia: a personal study of isolation and the struggle to find and maintain community in an era of careless development, the uninspired design of the modern subdivision, urban sprawl, and the invasion of the McMansion. American life is more divisive than ever, and poorly designed neighborhoods further encourage isolation and separation. With no sense of place or belonging, is this the new American Dream?
The film is directed by Dean Terry and features interviews with Andres Duany, James Howard Kunstler and Robert Putnam.

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