Friday, January 23, 2009

There was a rainy day schedule at school today because of the rain. The students were waiting in the cafeteria to be picked up by their teachers. As I walked in to see who was around, I passed by the first graders--and one of my favorites asked me not to go yet, so she could give me something. It turned out to be a candy cane. hah. I wonder how long she had that in her backpack.

But she and her friend were asking for pencils at lunch. The children are easily pleased... pencils! If someone was giving away pencils as prizes when I was a student in elementary school, I don't know if I would have cared. A fancy mechanical pencil maybe. Spoiled? Or used to more expensive prizes? I was both, I would think. Then again, I'd probably try to win the prize, just because it was a prize, not because of what it was.

Someone else was asking for a Hello Kitty sharpener. She was content with the card of the Theotokos and the Christ child that I had. She and her sister were waiting for their 18 yo sister and her boyfriend to pick her up. Apparently the older sister has a baby already, and she's not married. I don't know what sort of example she is giving to her siblings... sigh.

The second grade was all right today--one of the students had her birthday today. They're generally a good bunch of kids.

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