Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Ah Fai treated me to a birthday dinner at The Counter (Santana Row) tonight. There were a lot of people at Santana Row tonight. It's been a while since I went to The Counter. The last time I was there... was late last year, when I had lunch with RHK, before we went to see The Hurt Locker. When the burgers are medium-well or well-done, there is not much difference in taste in comparison with the burgers from Fuddruckers (and I'm not talking about the Fuddruckers' Kobe beef patties, which I have not tried yet). The Fuddruckers patties might be a bit saltier.

One of the male waiters had earlobe stretching rings -- I was surprised that he would be hired at a restaurant. I avoided looking at him.

Ah Fai has a new car now -- the 328i convertible. He offered to drive me over to the parking lot where my car was, with the top down. I declined, since I really needed the walk for some exercise. But I did claim a raincheck on the ride. Riding in a convertible with the top down is pleasurable, and I won't have too many opportunities to do that. I wouldn't spend the $ to make it an everyday occurrence for myself, but I would think that it is ok to do it, even if I associate it with a lifestyle and other aspects of consumerist culture...

Knight and Day is a movie ah Fai might watch. I'll contact him once it is out. If I get a job I may try to plan a bbq for later in the summer. Still no call for an interview.

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