Monday, July 19, 2010

Items of Interest, 19 July 2010

John Robb,JOURNAL: Global Guerrillas and Resilient Communities in Afghanistan

Catholic Light:
I still think people should avoid TFP
From Petrus: the Medjugorje 'seers' will have to report their ten secrets

Energy Bulletin:
Lloyd's Sustainable Energy Security White Paper - Some hits; some misses (original)
Gail Tverberg, The Oil Drum
Lloyd's hired Chatham House to prepare a white paper on the risks of peak oil called Sustainable Energy Security: Strategic risks and opportunities for business. It seems to me that this new report gets quite a few things right, but it misleads in the direction of thinking things are better than they really are, when it comes to timing and alternatives

Fizzling dreams of "back-to-the-land" (original)
Blujay, these new old traditions
And then *POP* just like that, my back-to-the-land bubble bursts. I rub the sleep from my eyes and blink: Ah yes, here I am. Back in Brooklyn, in school full time, pursuing a masters degree, racking up the loans.

Modernizing Henry George (original)
Herman Daly, The Daly News

Economists have traditionally considered nature to be infinite relative to the economy, and therefore not scarce, and therefore properly priced at zero. But the biosphere is now scarce, and becoming more so every day as a result of growth of its large and dependent subsystem, the macro-economy.

Patrick Cockburn, Leaving Iraq: The Ruin They'll Leave Behind
Dave Lindorff, Cracking the Sea Floor: Fools' Errand in the Gulf

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