Friday, July 23, 2010

Sigh. Horror films and Hollywood.

Spoilers about Piranha 3d. Not for the queasy or those with any sense, really. It's horror elicited through the showing of gore and mayhem--and people continue to criticize The Passion of the Christ for its violence? I have pondered Dr. Fleming's words and will have to re-evaluate the movie, but contemporary horror movies seem to be much worse.

Salt opens tomorrow. I just viewed the trailer again and I found the fight sequences to be ridiculous. Girl power, of course. A review of Salt at IGN:
As Salt works her way from Washington, D.C. to New York and back again, covertly attempting to clear her name… or save the in-danger Russian president… or rescue her kidnapped husband… or something, her motives become increasingly muddled. That husband is an interesting aspect of the picture, too. Played by German thesp August Diehl (Inglourious Basterds), the character is the opposite of Salt -- all soft and sensitive and scientist-y. How can this guy really stand up in our estimation as the equal of the goddess-like Jolie? Well, the answer is he can't. And therein lays a bigger problem for the film than the silly twists, for if we don't buy the relationship between Salt and her husband, then how much can her struggle to find him really matter to us?

As it turns out, that's only part of her struggle. But it illustrates a double standard of both Hollywood and the general audience -- and of this reviewer too, one supposes. Salt was originally a Tom Cruise project, and the title character was obviously designed as a male. In that scenario, somehow the wife-in-distress subplot would've been much more convincing, but in the current role reversal version it just doesn't jibe.
The trailer for The Company Men. This is the best Hollywood has to offer Americans during an economic crisis? I guess that's its job -- peddling illusions and fantasies to make the audience feel good.

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