Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Items of Interest, 21 July 2010

Greek mythology: The real story of the European debt crisis by Walden Bello
‘The Catalogue of Anti-Male Shaming Tactics’ (via The Spearhead)
Full of Grace, Seasoned with Salt: My Social Influences

Two from Sandro Magister:
Ecumenism. The True Story of a War That Never Was

The patriarchs of Moscow and Constantinople threatened a complete break with Rome in 2003. The pretext was Ukraine. But at the Vatican, Kasper and Ratzinger defused the danger. Here's how

Sexual Abuse. The New Norms "On the Most Serious Offenses"

The complete text of the new norms, together with an historical contextualization of the 2001 motu proprio "Sacramentorum Sanctitatis Tutela," of which they are an updated application. Everything introduced and explained by the director of the Vatican press office

Energy Bulletin:
Despite Gloom, Things Are Looking Up For Garden Farming (original)
Gene Logsdon,

Food production is moving toward decentralization, and that is good news. With all the toxins and varmints and contrary weather and disintegration of the economy, our best bet, maybe our only bet, is to spread out the risks of food production to the largest number of people possible and that is happening.

How to be maladaptive: Fourteen tips for mental activities guaranteed to enhance your misery during bad times (original)
Kathy McMahon, Peak Oil Blues
Those who learn about Peak Oil, climate change, and economic hard times show a series of short-lived symptoms of stress over several months, but these are normal and expected reactions to these stunning findings. Roughly 50-60% of adults in North America are exposed to traumatic events, but only 5% to 10% develop maladjusted PTSD and related problems. What sorts of beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors promote the developme

Are agricultural systems sustainable? (Toby Hemenway on permaculture) (original)
Jon Steinman, Deconstructing Dinner

Much of the content of Deconstructing Dinner revolves primarily around the practice of agriculture; from examining the downsides and challenges of current agricultural systems to the opportunities and alternatives to those challenges. However, most of those alternatives that we examine are 'agri'cultural alternatives, and so from time to time it's important to step back and deconstruct that very focus... asking the question; "Are 'agri'cultural alternatives an adequate response if they're rooted within that same 'agri'cultural box"? On this episode we listen to a talk Toby Hemenway delivered in February 2010 when he suggested that 'sustainable agriculture' might very well be a misnomer.

China's oil grab
Dave Cohen, Decline of the Empire

An amazing thing has happened. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), China has now surpassed the United States as the world's biggest energy consumer.

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