Monday, July 12, 2010

Today I had to go pick up a paycheck since the one that was sent had been returned for postage. (Who forgot to put postage at the office?) Before I went to payroll, I got some gas, and TG happened to be standing on the other side of the island so she asked, "Mr. ----?" That was a pleasant surprise. She told me that she's going to a different school, one that is closer to the hills, but she didn't know the name or if it was in the same school district. "It's in a neighborhood. It's next to a meadow." But it's not past the freeway. JM School?

Last week I went to Tatami for lunch with my mother. The restaurant is run by Koreans and a lot of the patrons are Koreans. There was a cute little Korean toddler there -- maybe the same age as my nephew?

Today we went to 101 Dim Sum in Fremont for dinner, since it was Mr. PW's birthday. The food there is ok, but I wouldn't drive there just for Chinese food. At the table next to us was a little boy, maybe a toddler, but he seemed more experienced playing with his father's phone (data device?), so maybe he is a bit older than my nephew. He reminded me of my nephew though, but he didn't look Cantonese. He looked more Northern...

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