Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Items of Interest, 14 July 2010

Rod Dreher, Coming: BP's methane volcano? and io9, Methane bubble "doomsday" story debunked
Rod Dreher, Monsanto's genetically-modified Eucharist
CHT, Obama the Liar on Free Trade

Mark Richardson on the link between liberalism and multiculturalism: Identity lite.

John Robb, JOURNAL: A Mechanism for Economic and Political Concentration

Steve Sailer, How to get into college

Energy Bulletin:

The 50-year farm bill (original)
Wes Jackson, Solutions

We need new strategies for agriculture that emphasize efficient nutrient use in order to lower production costs and minimize negative environmental effects. The trouble is, the best soils on the best landscapes are already being farmed. Much of the future expansion of agriculture will be onto marginal lands where the risk of irreversible degradation under annual grain production is high. As these areas become degraded, expensive chemical, energy, and equipment inputs will become less effective and much less affordable.

Fireflies In July (original)
Gene Logsdon,

Most of us have only a little knowledge of the awesome events going on in nature right around us all the time. That’s why we must ceaselessly travel in search of distraction far and wide. There are wonders at work right under our noses but we don’t notice. It is even more lamentable now that we have abandoned the real world for the electronic world.

Ellen Brown, How Brokers Became Bookies
Mark Weisbrot, Exacerbating the Crisis in the Eurozone
Jonathan Cook, Remote-Controlled Killing
Dean Baker, Reckless Drilling: BP's Carnage
Deepak Tripathi, The Dwindling of Afghanistan's Coalition of the Willing

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