Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Day in SLO

I'm not in the mood to write a long post about yesterday; we woke up a little after 4 and reached SLO before 8. It was a mass baptism at the mission; there were lots of family members. As for the NO rite and music, there was at least one piece by Dan Schutte. I'll take Latin over American NO any day.

Brunch was at Creeky Tiki; the chips and salsa were good, but I don't think the black pepper on the chips was necessary. The breakfast burrito at the restaurant is decent, though I found the carnitas to be a bit too salty. (Of course KK's carnitas are better. If I find a wife I hope she makes decent carnitas.) I think there was a wedding at the mission; there was a Mariachi band, but the bridesmaiads looked like they were in high school. Very odd, but perhaps an older sister or cousin was getting married.

It was fun spending the day with the nieces and nephews. Niece #2 had a temper tantrum so she couldn't go to the park with her sister and nephew #1, but I told her I'd try to take her to the park next time I see her (which should be in 2 weeks).

Dinner was at Mo's Smokehouse BB -- po po's treat. I ordered the ribs, and they were good, much better than ribs at Armadillo Willy's. If there was a problem, the sauce was too sweet. My bro-in-law thought they were too moist, but I didn't mind that. I'd rather have ribs that were too moist than too dry. And I don't have the patience to try to improve my technique for making ribs.

Today the warning light for the brake was on. I don't think it is the parking brake -- it might be low brake fluid that is the problem. But I don't have anything to lift the car up, so I'll probably have to take it into the mechanic tomorrow. I hate cars.

JM links to this: Suburban Sprawl and the Decline of Social Capital.

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