Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Microbes cleaning up Deepwater Spill?

Fox: New Microbe Discovered Eating Gulf Oil Spill

If true, we should be thanking God. Are we going to be let off that easily?

Energy Bulletin:
A crisis of democracy: Real solutions to the BP oil spill
Brooke Jarvis, Yes! Magazine 
Joanne Poyourow, Transition US
While North gives a good overview of the most sophisticated portions of the local-finance spectrum, he is writing about local money, not community finances in general. The scope of his book does not include the low-hanging-fruit -- the easy to set up, free to establish vehicles which hold enormous community-building potential. Group purchasing, garden sharing, carpooling, tool libraries, seed swaps, barter fairs and more – these fill in the most intimate, colorful portion of the spectrum in the vision of a multifaceted local financial infrastructure.

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