Sunday, December 05, 2010

These photos were taken earlier this year, for Jackie Chan's birthday party.

I wish we had a full body shot, and not just of the torso. This is probably something created by his clothing company, and is rather traditional.

The sweater vest has a mandarin collar; I think it is fine. What bothers me is the untucked shirt underneath the vest. His getup looks sloppy. I think the shirt should be tucked, but the problem is that it is supposed to be a traditional Chinese shirt, which was not tucked? The alternative would be to lengthen the vest so that it covers the shirt, but that might ruin the sweater vest. Something resembling your typical fleece vest might be more successful, since that can be of a longer length?

This is a problem of melding articles of clothing from two different traditions into an ensemble, and failling to take into consideration how they are worn in tandem with other pieces of clothing?

I suppose that an aesthetic judgment based on visual appeal alone could be positive. But should an aesthetic judgment be grounded in reason as well?

I know it is common for Uhmerican men and women to wear sweaters and vest over untucked shirts (and often blue jeans), but I don't go agree with their choice in how they wear their apparel.

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