Monday, December 06, 2010

Time to make citizenship requirements more stringent

CNA: US bishops encourage Congress to pass DREAM Act

Archbishop Gomez called attention to a number of qualifications in the bill, which differentiate it from the blanket immigration amnesty some Republicans fear.

He explained that it allows “deserving immigrant youth” to become permanent residents, provided they meet certain age and circumstance requirements, have “demonstrated good moral character, have no criminal record and … have earned their high school diploma.” The further step of citizenship would require two years of college or military service.

Given these requirements, the archbishop said, the act's passage was not only a matter of fairness, but an opportunity for the U.S. to reward hardworking and motivated young people who could otherwise be forced to leave.

Permanent resident status, ok. But easy citizenship after only 2 years? No. Good moral character does not include assimilation, does it? How would the bishops forestall balkanization?

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