Saturday, December 11, 2010

Natio, nationis

How different is natio from gens in meaning?

Patrick J. Buchanan, Naked Men in National Museums

Dr. Fleming:
One cannot have a national gallery if there is no nation, and a nation cannot be, as Cicero says of the commonwealth, any old collection of random individuals. The people of any coherent society share memories and an understanding of virtue. In a non-nation, public art is inevitably propaganda that reflects the ruling class. Here the ruling class is divided between the Multi-Culturalist Marxist Left and the Capitalist Left. Thus, divisions over art are between those who like Norman Rockwell (the Capitalist Leftists) and those who adore Mapplethorpe et al. The one is childish and degrading, the other is tawdry and degrading. Nationalist art, whether of the Hitlerian, Stalinist, or FDRian types, is boring and threatening, while Internationalist Art aims at sucking out our humanity. The fact that the Internationalist art is more immediately toxic should not seduce us into feeling comfortable with the Lincoln Memorial or the covers of the Saturday Evening Post.

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