Friday, June 17, 2011

Fr. Corapi's announcement

I've written very little about the accusations against Fr. Corapi at this point -- if you want you can find the info online. Fr. Corapi has released a statement as to his plans for the future.

The announcement on the blog

Many who have benefited from his preaching are shocked and saddened by what is going on. Some have expressed dismay and disappointment, either with the bishop or with Fr. Corapi (sometimes it isn't clear). My own thoughts -- I find his decision to become an underground minister baffling. It is understandable that he cannot exercise public duties as a priest because of his suspension. But it would seem that no one is so important that God cannot do without him. If Fr. Corapi is a victim of injustice, cannot he appeal it to Rome? If that is not fruitful, or if he has no other course of action to take with respect to the Church, then maybe he is being called to suffer as a victim of injustice. Wouldn't this be the opportunity for him to just be a hermit? (I thought he had professed this desire often.)

God's saving action is greater than one man (or ego). Can it truly be the case that God wants someone to operate outside the bounds of the Church? Should not a minister always be under ecclesial authority, no matter how unjust a bishop is acting, and if he is unjustly deprived of his office should he not resign him to the fact? It seems to me that this is the preferred course of action for the saints of the Church?

Baffling. Let us pray for him.


elena maria vidal said...

I agree with you; you make some excellent points.

Maria Luisa Fatima Nebrida said...

I wish you all the best, Fr John Corapi. I have always admired your homilies and you have saved many souls through your service to God. You have a distinctive gift of preaching and I am happy and relieved that you wil be pursuing your calling to evangelize through Prayer Meetings and Seminars. And this time, world wide. Ultimately, it is God who will judge us. God sees and knows everything and I believe that you have been a victim of injustice. Jesus was persecuted,too, so you are in good company, John. I wil pray for your healing and for you to be courageous in whatever is in store for you. YOu cannot be the black sheep. You are a good sheep and I pray that you change your name. It is kind of negative and I would not want to magnify anything negative. You are a good holy man. God sees you as such and please continue to be blessed always! Thank you for being YOU !

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