Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Items of Interest, 14 June 2011

Donald Livingston, "Decentralization for Freedom" (via Karen De Coster)

Sandro Magister, Pentecost on Mount Athos

Illicit ordinations in China: the Holy See explains what is to be done with excommunicated bishops by Bernardo Cervellera

Armenian Church Leader On Landmark Visit To Georgia

British Army to get new uniforms – turned down by the US and made in China

Meet the farmer next door, by Lauren Reed-Guy
Institute of Urban Homesteading
Farm Curious

Simple Homemade Toys
Gene Logsdon, The Contrary Farmer, Mulligan Books

The toys most of us really remember playing with as children weren’t really toys but things we turned into toys. My earliest recollection is a matchbox of multicolored and multisize rubberbands I played with by the hour when I was about two. I don’t know why they fascinated me only that they did. Even the matchbox was a wonder — the way it slid so neatly open and closed.

I'm including some music with this post:

Rhonda Vincent and The Rage "All American Bluegrass Girl"

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