Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More Links of Interest

More stuff I missed while I was in Arizona...

Dear Friends . . . or Maybe Not! by Mary Vander Goot

America Loses Control by Patrick J. Buchanan

Paul Gottfried Discusses Paleolibertarianism with Richard Spencer - Ron Paul, Rothbard, and Race

Lee Cheek, W. H. Mallock Revisited
Daniel Larison, Scruton’s The Uses of Pessimism

Peter Hitchens, Welcome to 2042, the Year When Britain is No More Than a Memory and Small Expectations and Our Conversation Resumed

A Jeffersonian Kansas

A Catholic's Case for Ron Paul

Revenge of the Nerd By Daniel J. Flynn
It’s Ray Bradbury’s future—we’re just living in it.

Obama Signs Legislation Killing Bill of Rights; Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Rachel Maddow Skewer Obama; Road to Tyranny; Complete List of Senatorial Cowards Backing the Bill

Decentralize Now

Peak Oil and Energy:
Peak Oil: The Implications for Planning Policy (review) by Rick Munroe

Michael Shedlock, Additional 2012 Predictions: Trade Wars, US Election, Precious Metals, Energy and Population: The Elephant in the Room; Peak Oil Implications on Population Growth; What Level of Human Population is Sustainable?

James Howard Kunstler, 2012 Forecast: Bang and Whimper

The Sunni-Shia Wars by PATRICK COCKBURN
Obama Seeks to Distance U.S. from Israeli Attack on Iran by GARETH PORTER
Ron Paul and the Killing Machine by MIKE WHITNEY
Arise, Students of California by RALPH NADER
12 Great Books by RALPH NADER

Feminism, MRA, and Marriage:
Fathers Matter
As Recession Drags on Young Women Too Picky for Jobs, Choose School
American Sex Roles Unnerving to Eastern European Women
Dealing With Her Time Release Brain Bombs
Captain and Bored Passenger
Elusive Wapiti, So Close, Yet So Far
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: Hate Porn for Feminists
Finding Our Own Truth
Brainwashing Norway
Conservative Woman Misses Point

Diet and Health:
Introducing The Primal Blueprint, Updated and Expanded Paperback Edition
My Primal Transformation: Discovering the Art of Fit

The Name of Jesus Makes a Contemplative Man
The Holy Name of Jesus and the Holy Face

Rorate Caeli:
SSPX-Rome: Écône theology professor responds to Opus Dei vicar general
How the Neocatechumenal Way defended their liturgy in 2004

Reform of the Reform: is the Kiko Rite approval coming up?
Six years of Pontificate and the Sacred Liturgy: So this is it?
The crisis of the Church is a crisis of Bishops 3 - the Bishop of Antwerp on celibacy and the ordination of women

Dominican Rite:
On the Vesture of Deacon and Subdeacon in the Dominican Rite
Gospel Canticles in Dominican Chant

Anglican Ordinariate:
Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of Saint Peter
Thirty Seconds Out!

Jeffrey Tucker, Chant has a tradition
On that alto in the Shrine choir
Chant: The Master Path
“The rediscovery of Gregorian chant is a sine qua non condition to give back dignity to the liturgical music.”

Milestone in Decline in Latin
Cardinal Ranjith calls for return of Vetus Ordo

The Church Militant By Frank Borzellieri
PC is the Dogma
Catholic Layman Says: Despite The U.S. Bishops, Church Doctrine Is Not Pro-Immigration!

Catholic World Report's new editor introduces himself, and the new online CWR
The Catholic World Report Archives are Open

Requiem for the Third See of Christendom by Robert Spencer

Beijing's Bishop Declares Support for Communist Party

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