Thursday, March 08, 2012

International Women's Day

This day seems to be getting prominent notice by Catholic feminists (like Lila Rose) who will talk about the killing of unborn women being opposed to the idea of International Women's Day. (Another example would be Catholic Fire.) But from whom do they take their lead?

Rome Reports: International Women's Day 2012: Why the Holy See says 'rural women' need support

It is sad to see Catholics following along the liberal agenda as it being advanced by the UN and adopted from the Socialists by comemmorating another faux holiday filled with the spirit of the age.

Do you want to restore the position of women? Work to restore the patriarchy that is necessary for the flourishing of families and political communities. Mass media activism just reinforces the propaganda for the other side.

Elsewhere: America Loves to Hate Women
Marking International Women's Day

RON JACOBS, Women’s Rights Are Human Rights

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